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Company History

In an intensely competitive industry, SCE has remained a leader for almost 50 years, serving many of the same clients and dealing with many of the same manufacturers. The company was founded in 1966 by Douglas Charles Burnip and Lance Geoffrey Rimes and remains a family owned and operated business today. In the early days, SCE only manufactured electrical control switchboards/panels and carried out electrical installation work. Gradually as overseas agents were established, this enabled System Control Engineering to cement its position as a strong importer in the market.

Building our strong business to over 50 employees, we also represent over 50 local and international supply companies such as Kromschroder, Brahma, Campini, De Dietrich, ebmpapst, Eliwell, HLP, Imit, Itap, Invensys, Jackwal, Madas, Johnson Controls, Midea air conditioners, Mitsubishi Electric Airconditioning Systems, Mueller, NBP, Negaban, North American Manafacturing Company, Penn Controls, Polidoro, Satronic, Seitron, Staiger, Bacharach, Ranco controls, RAM Controls, Paragon Controls, SKY Refrigeration, Dormont, Jeavons, Madas, Robertshaw, Riello, Siemens, SKY, Midea, AKO, Samtech, Ecoflam, Beckett, Tecnocontrol, Tecasa and Whiterodgers. We also supply well known brands such as Theben, Honeywell, EGO, SIT, Aermec, Danfoss, Ezi-Duct, Sauermann and Rego Regulators . Our dedicated and skilled staff enable our large stock quantities and client requests to operate smoothly. Many of our staff have been with us for up to 20 years. We have trained our staff to become knowledgeable about product development and material, in order to help our purchasers make informed and directive decisions to achieve maximum results from their products whether it be a gas valve, Gas Check or Gas Guard Pressure Proving System, filter drier, Honeywell Valve, Penn Control, Paragon Control or Ranco Control.

What makes System Control Engineering a leader in their industry:
  • Customer service
  • Stock holdings
  • Diverse range of products
  • Diversity of customers
  • Complete a job and order from start to finish
  • Understand and cater for the Australian market
Past, Present, Future:

At SCE, we are continuously looking at how we have gotten to where we are. Admittedly, our strong product range including big names like Kromschroder, Bacharach, Brahma, Dormont, Ecoflam, Eliwell, Jeavons, Honeywell, Madas, RAM, Robertshaw , Theben, Paragon, Riello, Ranco, Siemens controls, RAM control and REGO regulators gives us a strong edge over the market place. Our ability to provide quality systems and parts that include the Gas Check and Gasguard Pressure Proving systems, gas solenoid valves, gas filters, gas controls, electrical elements and sickles, compressors, danfoss, penn and ranco controls plus filter driers has proven to be solid sale items in our “One stop Shop” range. However, it is the underlying small factors that allow our business to be successful and expand.

Our continued support from suppliers, along with our respect for our clients has enabled us to keep prices reasonable and fair over the years. Along with this and the continued investment in new and innovative technology, we will continue to offer the very best quality products and service.

Mission Statement:

System Control Engineering will continue to improve people, systems, processes, technology, and suppliers to ensure that we meet the current and future needs of our clients. This will guarantee our continued success.

Please contact us for all information regarding our extensive range of products and services, call 03 9877 3211, or submit an online form and one of our trained sales representative will contact you shortly.