E.G.O. offers an extensive range of components for appliances in private households and commercial applications. They design and manufacture innovative technologies with reliability and quality at the forefront. E.G.O. is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the appliance industry with over 5,500 employees, over 1000 current patents and hundreds of millions heating elements sold to date. They are the preferred choice for most major appliance brands

Responsible innovations

For E.G.O, working sustainably means combining environmental protection, economic efficiency, and social responsibility. E.G.O believe that those who deal responsibly with people and nature today will continue to be successful tomorrow.

Leading the way

From a small workshop to a worldwide leading supplier for manufacturers of household appliances: E.G.O. revolutionized cooking with the first electric hotplate suitable for series production. With its developments and innovations, E.G.O. continues to make life in the kitchen easier for people today via a highly respected range of capillary thermostats, rotary switches, energy regulators, tubular elements and electronic solutions including induction assemblies and touch controls.

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