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    12 Month WarrantyIndustrial Timers
    CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.
The RCM is intended to provide a visible assertion by a responsible supplier that equipment complies with the requirements imposed or covered by relevant electrical and telecommuncations regulations in Australia and New Zealand in accordance with AS/NZS 4417.1.
Electro-technical products including products according to the Product Safety Act (ProdSG)  according to VDE/EN/IEC standards, other technical specifications as well as possible provisions of law with respect to safety and health requirements.

    CTS-C25 Two-Channel Digital DIN-Rail Time Switch with Large Screw Terminals Perfect for Stranded Conductor!

    The S-Click smart series is the world's first line of full-featured DIN rail time switches with integrated Bluetooth low-energy wireless connectivity designed for unparalleled user convenience.

    The CTS-C25 Digital Din-Rail Time Switch features astronomic, 365-day programming and convenient, automatic change from summer to winter time. The product is supported by an intuitive, full-featured iOS and Android App that includes templates. Installation and programming are quick and easy via the intuitive user interface and configuration wizard. PIN code protection for the service interval settings and a sealable housing allow for optimal tamper prevention. The CTS-C25 has integrated Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and the modular design provides future expandability. Additional features include recurring date programming utilizing wildcards and an integrated hour meter.

    Applications include custom lighting control panels, pump and motor control panels and signage control panels.

    Technical Specifications

    Additional Information

    Operating Specifications and Technical Data

    Number of Circuits: 2 Circuit
    Scheduling Capabilities: 24 Hours, 7 Day, 365 Day
    Priority Event Programming: Yes
    Memory Size: Number of Events = 500, Number of Programming = 50
    Event Types: ON/OFF, Random, Pulse, Cycle, Astronomic
    Electrical Ratings
    Voltage: 120-240 VAC
    Amperage: 15 A, 120 VAC /10 A, 240 VAC
    Zero Crossing: Yes
    Bluetooth: Yes
    Manual Switch: Automatic mode, Fix ON/OFF, Override
    Channels: 2
    Tampering Protection: PIN code, Lead-sealable
    Program: 50 date-dependent programs (Holiday-/Annual program, Weekly program), Astro function, OFF/ON, Free weekday block formation, Impulse, Random OFF, Random ON, Cycle
    Programming: Device, PC, Smartphone/Tablet
    Memory Ispaces: 500
    Meters: Hours counter with maintenance mode

    Circuit diagram and dimensions available, refer to the product Datasheet.

    Electrical Data

    Supply Voltage: AC 110-230V +/- 10% 50-60 Hz
    Current Output: Changeover, potential-free, opening width < 3mm, Phase-independent (zero crossing)
    Current Capacity - Resistive Load - AC1: 16A/250V AC
    Current Capacity - Inductive load cos.phi 0.6 - AC3: 10A/250V AC
    Switching Capacity - Minimal: 100mA (AC/DC)
    Load Incandescent/Halogen Lamp: 2.600 VA
    Load Fluorescent Lamps: 730VA (serial compensated), 1.000VA (dual switching), 1.000VA (not compensated), 1.000VA (serial compensated)
    Load Compact Fluorescent Lamp: 14 x 23W, 16 x 15W, 16 x 20W, 18 x 11W, 22 x 7W
    Load LED-Lamps <2W: Max. 30W
    Load LED-Lamps 2-8W: Max. 100W
    Load LED-Lamps >8W: Max. 120W
    Load Sodium-Vapour Lamp - Non-Compensated: 1 x 400W, 2 x 250W
    Load Sodium-Vapour Lamp - Serial-Compensated: 1 x 250W (32uF), 1 x 400W (45uF), 2 x 150W (20uF)
    Load Mercury-Vapour Lamp - Serial Compensated: 1 x 400W (25uF), 1 x 700W (40uF), 2 x 250W (18uF), 4 x 125W (10uF), 6 x 50W (7uF)
    Load Mercury-Vapour Lamp - Non-Compensated: 1 x 700W, 2 x 250W, 4 x 125W
    Current Capacity - DC: 300mA/60V DC, 800mA/24V DC
    Power Consumption: < 1VA (Standby-mode)
    Accuracy: +/- 0,3 Second/Day at 20 degree Celsius
    Power Reserve: 8 Years, Programs saved in EEPROM
    Time Basis: Quartz
    Power Connection
    Device: Screw terminal with wire protection max. 2.5mm2, Captive latching screw
    Communication Method
    Radio Signal: Bluetooth 4.0


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